LA-based DJ-producer Jauz is currently still capitalizing on a massive breakout year in 2014, as he just performed at the world famous Ultra Music Festival for his first time. While performing, he showed everyone that he's just getting started on what guarantees to be an illustrious career in electronic music by treating the crowd to a sneak preview of a new track he created with Skrillex. The track also features the unmistakable vocals of Fatman Scoop, who Skrillex previously worked with on his collaboration with Kill the Noise, “Recess,” featured on the acclaimed 2014 Skrillex album by the same name.

This forthcoming track combines the hard-hitting styles of both producers for a perfect blend. You can expect this track to become an instant hit upon its release. Whether this will be an official release of OWSLA or Buygore remains to be seen. Given that Fatman Scoop’s appearance on the track is definitely the work of Skrillex, his own imprint will likely get ownership of this much anticipated release.

Diplo & Friends and a flurry of remixes that have made him a fan favorite in the scene. Now with this forthcoming collaboration, he is continuing to establish himself as one of the most exciting young producers in the game. Needless to say, Jauz is set for big things in the dance music world. Preview the track above, and stay tuned for more information on the track to come soon. Also, check out the video of Jauz playing the track at Ultra below.

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