The record label DEEP MEDi Musik has been at the forefront for the bass heavy sound of dubstep ever since the genre started to get world wide recognition. Led by one of the godfathers of dubstep, Mala, this record label has been continuously churning out music that stays true to the original style and sound of classic dubstep. The newest release to grace the catalogue of this well known UK label is a collection of tracks by veteran producer Silkie titled 'The Lost Tapes.' The melodic arrangements on this release create deep and beautiful bass music. Staying true to the authentic dubstep culture this release, as well as all of DEEP MEDi Musik releases, is available as a 12" x 2 vinyl hard copy. Snag one of the collectible vinyls or just the mp3's for all the music lovers. Enjoy!

Track list:
A1 / Preacher's Pain
B1 / Time Delay
B2 / Jazz Dub
C1 / Anymuzik
D1 / Boogs Noogs
D2 / Daylight Savings

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