A mixed Hollywood crowd of hipsters and bottle service lovers lined up outside of Drai's at the W Hotel for Dim Mak Sundays to dance along to Vancouver native Felix Cartal's club friendly music. The Dim Mak artist headlined the event as his release party for his new hit single "Don’t Turn on the Lights" which features a catchy hook by vocalist Polina.

San Diego based DJ Harvard Bass opened up for Cartal playing his usual set of dancey house, infused with some pop favorites. The crowd, which Harvard Bass called "extremely responsive" especially loved a remix of recently announced Coachella artist Azeilia Bank's rap track "212" whether or not their were familiar with the up-and-comer.

The club was packed as a front row of obsessed fan boys split their time bug eyed staring at Cartal DJ and the two gorgeous Betsey Johnson clad go-go girls dancing along side the stage on poles. Before his set, Cartal had mentioned to us he was "stoked to play some bangers," and he definitely did, with a set averaging at slightly over an hour packed with nonstop hard hitting electro past the usual California call time of 2 am. Cartal appeared deep in focus as he simultaneously danced, pushed back his signature Jonas Brothers hair, and played with his controllers. When Cartal dropped his beloved bootleg remix of Britney Spear's "I Wanna Go" shrieks of drunk girls were heard throughout the mega club, keeping the energy at an all time high throughout the night managing to include the (very) soon to be overplayed, infectious "Levels" by Avicii.

He saved the best for last, playing what any fan in the crowd was waiting for, "Don't Turn on the Lights," as dozens of red balloons were thrown from backstage towards the crowd emulating the image on the cover art for the single. A teaser for a new single "DOMO" is said to come out soon while Felix Cartal's upcoming album "Different Faces" will be released in May.

Written By: Lina Abascal

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