The glitterati of EDM gathered together at New York City’s Provacateur for an invite-only soiree, Thursday night. The purpose? To be introduced to the first-ever Sensation America.

After 12 years of producing more than 70 Sensation events for millions of visitors in more than 20 countries, Netherlands based ID&T, in conjunction with Live Nation is setting up shop at the brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Friday, October 26, and Saturday, October 27. Known for creating a sea of white, the much-anticipated, all-house international tour, presented by Bud Light Platinum, will bring thousands of colorless-clad revelers to Brooklyn... and this will be no kiddie rave.

"We are focusing on adults," said Jason Miller, President of Live Nation New York and leader of bringing EDM to the States. Miller has “traveled all over to see the greatest events, and learn how they were doing it in other places. The whole scene is so much more evolved in Europe than it is in North America."

It wasn’t until Miller first went to a Sensation party that an epiphany struck. "When I came into the venue for the first time and saw the production and the stage, it was one of those 'holy shit' moments. It was really life changing. I haven't looked at events and dance music the same way since." And thus, Miller and Sensation founder and CEO Duncan Stutterheim began a conversation. Perhaps multiple conversations... then meetings, followed by planning, and resulting in a partnership that would bring Sensation to America.

Stutterheim took to the small stage and shared his emotional story of Sensation. “My brother died in a car crash and we wanted to celebrate his life. So the funeral was all in white,” he revealed to the most silent group of New Yorkers ever heard (or not heard). “We invited everyone to come in white and unite. We started doing it every year since, and we’ve been to 20 countries." A bolt of togetherness shot through the crowd as he continued. "We really feel that house music is real. It’s positive movement with a positive attitude to be happy and celebrate with your friends, and have fun. That’s why we do it.” Many of us were excited to hear about the DJs but, Stutterheim said that there will be no announcing of DJ headliners “for two months” because we want the people to trust us. It is not about the DJ.”

What is it about?

The show “Innerspace,” which premiered last year in Amsterdam, transports the audience on a spiritual journey through seven intense experiences, an interactive happening full of dazzling show elements and heart racing production. Through this personal experience, Sensation intends to reach deeper into the soul and deliver much more than any dance show you’ve ever witnessed before.

“We celebrate life!” Stutterheim said with contagious enthusiasm.

Go to Sensation America to learn more.