The young Dutch DJ/producer who teamed up with Quintino to bring us the rave anthem "Epic," returns with his newest EP. This release, titled "Let Go Tonight," is a 3-track electro-house production that showcases this young talent's exceeding studio skills. Already having an impressive resume of performances and releases, Sandro knows what it takes to move crowds. The first track of the release, "Libra," confirms this notion, supplying a feel-good electro melody that packs a punch, combining melodic basslines and synth with its dancey beat. Silva keeps the uplifting tunes coming with the EP's title track, "Let Go Tonight," a track that brings pop sensabilities and electro-house together. Jack Miz lends his powerful vocals to the track, blending with the pop-sounding drop to create a song that is fit for pop radio and EDM playlists alike. The EP also contains the instrumental version of this track, which even without Miz's vocals, maintains its feel-good nature. The release's final track, however, brings its listeners back to the aggressive electro-house we've come to expect from Sandro. "Thug" comes complete with steady claps and manic drops that supply a range of electronic effects, bringing a festival-smashing energy. With this release, Sandro Silva is showing why he is set for big things in the EDM world. Though what he will accomplish throughout his endeavors in the dance music world remains to be seen, the sky is the limit for this young Dutch producer. Check out Sandro Silva's "Let Go Tonight" EP below, and enjoy!

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