Early this month, Flume broke the internet with his remix of Sam Smith‘s “Lay Me Down” (similar to his 2014 remix of Lorde‘s “Tennis Court,” which instantly went viral, and was hailed by many fans as the best track of the year). The Sam Smith single also received a reworking by Maya Jane Coles. Now, Tiesto has put his own touch on "Lay Me Down," which you can listen to above.

This remix sees Tiesto take a different direction that fans would expect from the superstar DJ-producer. While Tiesto may be known for his stadium-sized sounds, he brings a more mellow feel to suit the soothing vocals of Sam Smith. Adjusting his sound to different artists has made Tiesto a rather successful remixer of tracks. We saw him take a similar approach to his “Birthday Treatment Remix” of John Legend‘s “All Of Me.” This remix would actually earn Tiesto his first GRAMMY for the category of Best Remixed Recording.

Tiesto has certainly established himself as a sought after producer for remixes of some of the music industry's biggest names. Watch for him to continue to supply brilliant remixes with his signature sound.

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