The transient Rusko has been touring like a gypsy (if gypsies carried turntables instead of dusty relics and charms) for months, while an onslaught or faithful’s (to the rocker goes the "Band-Aid" as to the DJ goes the, er,  "Disc Jock-Strap." Suggestions, please?) cling to his every move and mix alike.

The dignitary of Dubstep and boss of BPM has released a teaser trailer for his two upcoming New Year's Eve 2012 shows in Chicago at the Congress Theater. This time, even the EDM cognoscenti’s may second-guess themselves as to whether or not it is in fact, Rusko they are hearing.

New year, new direction! Music is art and therefore, must always evolve-- or else it is dies. That scary thought said, do you think this sounds like a melodious evolution or did Rusko just make an error in sonic experimentation?

Either way, we appreciate his open-mindedness and look forward to see what Rusko has in store for 2012!

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