On his birthday, Nicky Romero celebrated by performing at Summerland in Cartagena, as well as giving his Columbian fans a show that they'll never forget. As 3D performances continue to become widely utilized in live performances, Nicky Romero is truly kicking it up a notch to give his live show an intense new twist.

Of course, we're just kidding. This fireworks mishap is an example of how easily disaster can strike. Luckily, no one was killed, though Dimitri Vegas tweeted that half of his crew, as well as fellow DJ/producer, Wolfpack, suffered impact burns and two of them even took a rocket explosion to the ear. We wish everyone who suffered any injuries a quick and full recovery.

Although his stage caught fire, the birthday boy was lucky to escape unscathed. Even amidst the chaos, the party kept going strong, as Nicky continued his set and fans continue to enjoy the performance.

While these incidents are rare, perhaps this will be a wake up call of sorts to the necessary preparation and care that goes into ensuring the safety and success of live performances containing fireworks. Maybe this will even spark a debate to end their presence at dance music events, and the call to solely utilize light shows moving forward. Where do you stand? Let us know in the comment section below, and on our social media pages!

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