Not much is known about the mysterious DJ-producer GENER8ION. He's like French, as he's the newest member of the Bromance Records camp. Anyone who caught him performing on the Bromance Homieland Tour was greeted by a performance from a man in a black mask, who delivered a set of electro and techno tunes with that unmistakable French touch.

While his identity is kept secret, he is certainly set for big things in the electronic music world. His debut track "The New International Sound," which was featured on the Bromance Records' Homieland Vol. 1 compilation, has garnered support from the entire Bromance family. In case you missed it, it's the track that Anna Lunoe opened her mixtape for the 'Go HARD' Tour with. It's enormous sound and finely tuned production has earned a ton of well deserved attention in the scene. On top of that, new and unreleased music from the mysterious artists was used as the soundtrack for a Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in France — certainly a high honor in the world's fashion capital.

Now, he's returned with a new remix of Röyksopp's "I Had This Thing," which showcases GENER8ION's unique sensibilities. Bringing a slowed tempo, this futuristic trap sound, this track will have listeners eager to get more acquainted with the unknown artist. Whether or not we will learn of who is the mastermind behind this new project remains to be seen. However, we can expect more great tunes to come from GENER8ION soon. Check out his remix above.

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