On March 29th React Presents brought Flux Pavilion to the Congress Theater in Chicago for what turned out to be a sold out spectacle. Carnage brought the energy level up in a hurry with his eccentric track selection. He was dropping some heavy trap songs that made the place twerking and grinding frantically. Some of the tracks he dropped was an unreleased song “Tomahawk” and his latest collaboration with Borgore “Incredible.” I feel like it’s a must if you are known for your trap style of music, that when visiting Chicago, something Kanye West has to be remixed, and Carnage didn’t disappoint, dropping a nasty remix of “Mercy.” One thing learned from Carnage’s set, is that after he dropped another Borgore track, is bitches truly do love cake.

The stage was set for the main event of the evening; Flux pavilion came on, and started with my personal favorite off his new album Blow the Roof , “ The Scientist.” Singing live on this track, you already knew it was going to be one of those nights! Flux has just so many original tracks, it was truly a treat to see a DJ showcase all of their own music, not just sample everyone else. Bangers “Internet Friends” by Knife Party, “Bass Cannon,” and “I Can’t Stop,” got the crowd in a frenzy in the first half of his set. The energy level never diminished either, as he finished the second half just as strong as he started.

One thing I personally love about Flux and the way his music is produced. He has such a slow melancholic bass sound that its not only mesmerizing at times, but it will also slap you across the face. Closing out the night Flux ended with his signature encore “Gold Dust,” was kind of hoping gold confetti or glitter of some sort would drop from the rafters, but that never happened. All in all from the moment Carnage took over for Torro Torro, the energy level rose and never backed down. Flux kept it going by doing what he does best and dropped massive amounts of bass, along with hoping on the mic every once in a while to get the crowd amped up. React Presents did it again with supplying a memorable night with a stellar DJ.

Written by: Derek Bogseth