Fairly new to the scene, Borgeous has already left his mark with his hit track “Tsunami.” This LA based producer has been collaborating and creating tracks that are loved by, not only fans, but also some of his fellow DJs. Receiving great recognition from around the world, Borgeous has not disappointed with his newest tracks, “Stampede” and “Invincible.” If Borgeous continues creating smashing hits like these he will continue to have a long promising career ahead of him. I took a moment to get Borgeous’ thoughts on his musical inspirations, and where he has set the bar for himself in 2014.

What made you interested in becoming a DJ? Who inspired you?

B: I've always been a huge fan of music since I was a little kid. Growing up my father listened to like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc and my mom listened to Michael Jackson, Neil diamond etc and I was listening to hip hop...I remember listening to the bone thugs n harmony east 1999 cd at least 20 thousand times lol, so I was just always listening to all types of music growing up and dancing as a little kid all the time my parents told me I was a little entertainer since I was young. As I got older I started to listen to dance music way more like DJ Klaas and Tiesto and others. I was always working on music in some way but at first it was more pop urban beats and then as I got older I segwayed into the dance world and never looked back! But I think as a kid growing up and having a lot of different musical influences and different genres it has help develop the way I make music and kept my stuff different and I try to fuse a lot of different elements into my songs.

Who was the first DJ you ever saw live? Where?

B: That's hard to remember...but first big show I went to was EDC 2008 when it was in Los Angeles. I still remember that show till this day!! Changed my life! Anyone who's been to their first big show knows what I mean.

What was your inspiration behind Tsunami?

B: I wanted to do something different and kind of bring this cinematic dramatic vibe to dance music but still keep the essences of dance music there, but also make it to where you can feel it when you hear it and remember it or relate that song to a moment in your life, rather than feel it for a second when it drops and then forget about it when the next big banger comes out. So we basically got in the studio with that intention and out came Tsunami.

How did you link up with Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Dvbbs? What was it like working with them?

B: Alex and Chris (Dvbbs) were friends of mine before Tsunami and I saw one night that they were in Los Angeles where I live and reached out to them and we linked up and made Tsunami. They are like family to me now, love them both!! I linked up w DV & LM through Dvbbs and my manager for Stampede. Very Cool guys!!!

How does it feel to have the likes of Hardwell play your tracks Tsunami and Stampede?

B: Honestly...words can't describe that and everything else that's happening. It's happening so fast and it's almost like a dream you know because I look up to him, but huge shout to him for the support and love and everyone else who has been supporting my songs. But I've worked hard to get here and have stayed focused and dedicated to this so it's great to see all the hard work paying off. Much more to come. Just getting started.


What is your dream venue or festival where you would like to play?

B: Hmmm....that's a tough one. Theres so many good ones but I think to be dramatic haha EDC vegas would be amazing considering EDC was my first festival I went to.

Who are some DJs you admire?

B: Klaas, Hardwell, Bingo Players, Laidback Luke, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Burren and Tiesto.

Is there anything new we should be looking out for from you?

B: Yea my new song "Invincible" is coming out very soon it's more of a vocal song this time, I debuted it with my homie Kramer from BPM huge shout out to him for the support so far he's a good friend, and then "Feel it Coming" is my next one after that and a big remix in the works for a big song. Spinnin has been great so far with making a lot happen so we have a great plan for everything. So stay tuned! 2014 is gonna be big!!

Do you have any tour plans for 2014?

B: Yea a bunch of dates coming all over. Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Miami, New York, Toronto, Albuquerque, San Fran, Atlanta and many many more! Stay up to date on Borgeous.com for dates and info. It's amazing seeing all my fans at my shows and meeting them and interacting with them and stuff, I try to interact with them as much as I can on social media as everyone knows and sees. So huge huge shout out to my Borgeous FAM!!!


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