The mega talented Audrey Napoleon has created music that has taken the club scene by storm. With hits songs like “Poison,” “Banana Soda Es Muy Loca,” and “#MySunrise,” Audrey is a sensational producer and DJ. Along with her amazing music, something I can’t help but notice is her amazing fashion sense and style. Her style is something that sets her apart from other female DJs. With go to looks like high waisted pants, bustiers, and even some of her own designs, she is a prime example of a true fashionista. Beside producing, she also is actively involved in the fashion world, collaborating with designers for her own line. Not many DJs can boast that on their resume. With such ripe creativity like Audrey’s, one cannot help but be inspired! Read what Audrey had to say about her fashion below:

How would you describe your style?
AN: Complicated.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?
AN:From any number of places. Because my ideas always come in my dreams, I reckon that everything I see throughout the day gets processed through my dreams. When I wake up, I have a clear idea of a piece I want to make or an outfit I want to wear.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
AN:I tend to make a lot of my clothing and hair-pieces, so I would have to say that arts/craft stores are my favorite places to shop.


Your favorite item in you closet?
AN:I have recently made a ruff out of these beautiful blue/black feathers I picked up at Mood Fabrics in LA over the weekend. I would have to say that is my current favorite.

Your favorite pair of shoes?
AN:It would have to be my Jeffrey Campbell Lolita's that have been on the road with me for the past year. Considering they are my shoes, they have definitely walked in them... So, I feel like they know me, and what I have been through; like an old friend.

How do you pack when you're on tour? -What are some of your necessities?
AN:When I am on a run of shows, I typically bring a staple outfit with me. For instance, on Identity Festival, we did 17 cities in 5 weeks... I brought one pair of shoes (Jeffrey Campbell Lolita), a couple pairs of high waisted hot pants, bustiers, an array of hosiery and jewelry.

My facial regimen is crucial to me. I feel that it is very important to take care of your skin. Especially while on tour. The long wear of make-up, traveling, and sweat can be very harsh and you must take care.

Obviously, make-up and hair-pieces are a must for me.


Do you have any fashion idols?
AN:Ravens, Maleficent, Daphne Guinness, Isabella Blow, and the entirety of the Elizabethan Era.

Is the fashion world something you considered in the past or would like to get into in the future?

AN:Fashion has always been a significant part of my life. It was my mother who initially lent an awareness to fabrics, and how they can be manipulated to make these fantastical pieces. When I was a child, she used to make most, to all, of my clothes. She would take my sisters and I out to buy fabrics and patterns. As we walked up and down the aisles, I would watch her walk through the store touching all the fabrics and analyzing the patterns and colors of these fabrics. You know, I still do that today… I cannot walk through a store without touching/analyzing everything. It’s ridiculous. We would go home, lay all of these beautiful and weird fabrics on her bedroom floor and I would sit there with her watching, learning, and helping her cut patterns while she sewed these fabrics together to make an outfit.

I currently have my hand in fashion with my collaboration collection - The Rodnik Band x Audrey Napoleon. We held a show at London Fashion week this past February where The Queen of England, Katy Perry, and Elton John attended. This collection has also graced the pages of many fashion magazines including Vogue Italia.

Some favorite designers?
AN:I have an obsession with Alexander McQueen (his name tattooed on my body "God Save McQueen"). Other than him I would say Victor & Rolf, Christian Lacroix, Milliner Philip Treacy, Gareth Pugh, Hussein Chalayan, Rick Owens, SkinGraft, Gaultier, YSL ... I could go on.


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