Robbie Rivera's infamous Juicy brand is making its way to Governor's Beach Club this Saturday July 14th with EDX, Manuel De La Mare, Paige, Stefano Noferini, & Sultan + Ned Shepard. We were able to catch up with Robbie for a few questions before the big show.

1. Juicy Beach has become a Miami institution - did you always have dreams of bringing it to New York or elsewhere?

Yes this is a dream come true for me. Specially doing it at Governor's island. My plan is to do this party in many cities around the world but first we start in the biggest city in the world NYC.

2. What made you decide the time/place was right to bring Juicy Beach to New York?

The venue and the date was perfect. It's in after EDC and before Electric Zoo and right on the middle of summer. We thought about doing it in another city but doing the first one in NY is perfect to create a buzz and move to other cities from there.

3. The opening acts fit so well with your sound; how did you go about choosing them? Was it a collaboration between Juicy Beach and Made Event?

I like to select producers/djs that I play their tracks on my set to perform on my events. They also have to be easy to work with and friendly djs. There are a lot djs and agents that are very difficult to work with so I pass on those. This event is a collaboration with Made Events.

4. How are you planning to recreate the Juicy Beach sound in NYC – what kind of set do you have in mind?

NYC is my favorite place to dj when it comes music selection. I get to play more underground than in other cities simply because the fans are educated. My set will consist of many of my hits but new versions that nobody has plus some of my current favorite tracks right now that I support. I play more tribal sounds in NY.

I am not a predictable dj like so many djs are at the moment, specially the new generation djs.

5. Tell us a little bit about your album. It has tons of variety, from the "Forever Young" sample to the energy of your Wynter Gordon collab. What was your overall goal with the sound of the album?

To produce Club anthems was my goal. Not to produce a radio song. I wanted to produce an album where I could play each track during my set. I think it worked!

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