Legendary British electronica icons Orbital return in 2012 with their first new album in eight years and a landmark concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Reunited in 2009 after half a decade of separate solo projects, Paul and Phil Hartnoll come back to the studio buzzing with inspiration from two years of rapturously received live shows - including triumphant headline sets at the Big Chill, Coachella Festival and Glastonbury, where they were joined onstage by Doctor Who star Matt Smith.

Check out Elektro's quickie with Phil Hartnoll now!

Favorite Drink? Alcohol? Whatever they are serving at the party. Vodka, preferred. Virgin? No.

Scariest Groupie Moment? Orbital groupies aren't scary!

If you could have one superhero power what would it be? Self-detonation-- the ability to explode one's body mass and reform.

What DJ would you like to:
Hug? Q'Hey.
Party with? Darren Emerson.
Spin alongside? Simian Mobile Disco.

First job? Selling fruit and veggies on the side of the road.

New track ‘NEVER’ available now as a free download!


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