Favorite drink? A deluxe Mojito with Nigori sake and champagne. Or of it's a cold evening, a good single malt whisky.

Scariest groupie moment? Hopping into a tour bus after a show, getting an hour down the road and about to leave the city as a half awake groupie climbs from under the seat! She was certain she was coming on the road for the rest of her life. She made it to the next city, realized where she was, got in a bus and went home.

Craziest place you ever had sex? In a small wooden boat that we thought was tied to the wharf. It wasn't.

If you can have one superhero power, what would it be? I'd love to be able to have the power of time optimization. That shit is impossible to manage. Captain Master Planner Road Runner Commander, yo! Other than that, I wish I could stop the powerful people exacerbating the inequalities and evils of the world. Yip. Easy.

What DJ would you like to:

Hug? DJ Yoda. He knows all the answers.

Party With? The fictional, extremely real, Frankie Wilde. Nonstop machine!

Play alongside live? Not DJs, but an electronic act, The Prodigy would be my dream!

What was the first job you ever had? Landscaping my neighbors gardens with a pair of scissors. At the time they seemed like gigantic metal blades of joy, but now come to think of it they were way to small. It took me weeks, they paid me shit, but fed me up on homemade lemonade and cookies, so all was gravy.

During a Twitter interview with Avalon Hollywood, Infected Mushroom tweeted that the you were their favorite artist. What does that mean to you? It means more than you can imagine. I used to listen to them way back in the day, and was super influenced by their sound at early on. I guess it's a cycle of life really. I'm still blown away and can't wait to return the favor with a remix I'm currently working on!

What can fans expect from you in 2012? Music! Touring! I'm releasing a three-part EP series entitled "Butternut Slap." Each part will represent a different tone, feeling and vibe that I love. The first part drops on 1st March (addictech records), and is a bit deeper and more cinematic than my previous releases. The series will then evolve from there. I'm also touring Australia with a three piece live band show. Then boosting to europe, north america, south america, asia, and the middle east to perform, as well as doing remixes for some amazing artists. I had a slower year last year due to a major life changing ear operation, but now that I'm fully healed, this year is about generally making and performing as much sonic goodness as possible.

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