Elektro caught up with Norman Doray just after he spun a fun-filled set at the Shelborne during Miami Music Week:

You’re constantly on the road, and I know you have particular cities you love for different things. What are your favorites you love to visit? I’m not very original but I love visiting Los Angeles for Nobu, which is amazing and Tokyo for their Teppanyaki. That is my favorite of all the time.

You have a strenuous schedule. How do you survive MMW? First, I must have patience and love of the music and what I’m doing. If I don’t feel it, then it will be impossible for me to make it every day. I’m not really drinking (alcohol) that much, but being proficient... lots of water. I also have a great team to keep me focused.

With your sets, do you ever pre-plan or go based off the crowd? It’s completely improvisation. I played tech house today at Pacha pool party and I’m not a tech house DJ! I love the sun and all the sexy girls. I love this kind of challenge. I love to try different things and different music. It’s important to adapt to your crowd.

If you weren’t a DJ, what other profession would you think you’d be? I always dreamed to be a surfer. I was a surfer before but I stopped because I needed to be in the studio. I love surfing!

Images By Andrew Rauner.

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