What kind of watch do you wear?
Ortzy: Diesel
Nico: Rolex GMT Master II

Favorite Sneakers?
Ortzy: Puma
Nico: All Stars

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it?
Ortzy: With my family and friends in Ibiza
Nico: With my family

What song do you sing in the shower?
Ortzy: hahaha ehh... “Don’t You Worry Child” by SHM
Nico: Guns n´Roses - Yesterdays

Favorite Video Game?
Ortzy: Fifa
Nico: don’t use any

What can’t leave home without?
Ortzy: Underwear LOL
Nico: iphone

First DJ you ever saw live? Where?
Ortzy: Mauro Picotto, Colombia
Nico: Frank knuckles, Pacha

Most embarrassing performance moment?
Ortzy: When I said the wrong city in the microphone!!!!
Nico: On the dancefloor with 20 people

Are you superstitious? About?
Ortzy: nottt
Nico: Not at all

First album you bought?
Ortzy: Trance Factory Traxx
Nico: Sander Kleinenberg – My Lexicon

If you had to have eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ortzy: Lomo Salteado (Peru)
Nico: Tapas in Spain

What’s on your computer wallpaper?
Ortzy: HIIO logo
Nico: Covers of all tracks

What’s the best advice you ever got? From who?
Ortzy: Never get conformist, Never!!! (a book)
Nico: Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you (My dad)

Favorite piece of DJ equipment? Why?
Ortzy: Pioneer set up, cuz it Works perfect
Nico: Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, I can have everything in there

What DJ do you want to:
Ortzy: Mauro Picotto... that guy changed my life!
Nico: Luciano

Party With?
Ortzy: Chuckie
Nico: Chuckie

DJ alongside live?
Ortzy: David Guetta
Nico: Madonna

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