Gramatik is definitely on my list of acts to keep an eye out for. After his raging set at September's Electric Zoo, I know I'm not the only one. If you happen to be in Nashville, TN on NYE 2012 and need some post-midnight fun, he can be found at the official New Year's Eve after party at 12th & Porter  (no, not short for 12th Planet and Porter Robinson), opening for the wild-haired doyen of dubstep, Bassnectar. Check out's quickie with Gramtik now! And see below for a free download.

Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin?
Cuba Libre! And I mean the real one, with Havana Club rum. It's illegal in the states since its a Cuban product, but we drink it in EU all the time. As for Virgins, they should be 18+.

Scariest groupie moment?
There was this one girl, I think it was in Albuquerque, she asked me if we celebrate New Year's in Europe. Yeah. Pretty scary stuff.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
This is the sixth time an interviewer has me this exact same question in the past six months, what is it about that question? I always answer the same, which is: The power of instant regeneration, which is subsequently immortality. Doh. (Elektro Sidenote: Perhaps Gramatik should wish for the power to control interview questions)?

First job you ever had?
When I was six or seven, me and a couple of buddies from my home town started snorkeling for Seashells, dead Seahorses, Crab shells and stuff like that. Each summer we would swim around all day long looking for the good stuff on the sea floor and in the evening we would setup a little stand at the beach and sell the goods we found to tourists. It went on for years, we never payed any taxes, life was good!

What DJ do you want to:
Hug: Justice, Ratatat, Skrillex.
Party With: Justice, Ratatat, Skrillex.
DJ alongside live: Justice, Ratatat, Skrillex.

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