Pryda Friend Fehrplay took some time out with Elektro to talk music, breakfast, and guilty pleasures...

Favorite drink (non and alcoholic)?
F:Dark ‘N’ Stormy (ginger beer and dark rum)

F:Summer stops you’re most excited for?
Burning Man! I’ve heard crazy things about it. Also, the Saturday of Electric Zoo.

Favorite city to play in?
F: New York

Favorite songs to play/know right now?
F: “Hoyle Road” by Pedestrians and “Those Days” by Amtrac, and Stimming’s new self-titled album.

Favorite breakfast item?
F: Eggs!

Dream radio shows/festivals/events to play/mix for?
F: Unless it’s too shameful, my own show on BBC Radio episode. I don’t think that’d happen but it’d be awesome, get to play all my favorite songs.

Can’t leave the house without?
F: My phone; I know, real original haha

First job?
F: Door-to-door home alarms salesmen. It was horrible; I lost a part of my soul at that job.

Song you sing in the shower?
F: Jamie Cullum – “Nothing I Do” but don’t tell anyone! haha

What DJ’s would you like to hug/party with/spin alongside?
F:I’d hug maybe one of the Nervo twins. Party… who’s a maniac? I’d party with the Hot Creation guys (Jamie Jones and Lee Floss). I’d definitely be honored to spin alongside Solomun.

If you could have one superpower it’d be...?
F: Definitely flying.