There’s nothing better than electronic dance music on the warm weathers of the Caribbean Sea. EDM will meet paradise for the 6th annual BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen. The festival will be held this January 4th through the 13th and will host a global gathering of DJs, producers, revelers and industry professionals. This event has become a must for any music lover with a discerning taste for endless partying and quality electronic dance music. BPM parties are hosted both day and night at multiple venues in Playa Del Carmen. We are expecting ten days of non-stop partying and huge crowds of EDM enthusiast from all over the world. This Quickie with a DJ BPM Festival edition features the Queen of Techno Nicole Moudaber. The Queen will be blazing the BPM festival at La Santerea along with Victor Calderone on the first day of the festival. Nicole has also just released her ‘Roar’ EP, which includes tracks “Roar” and “Brooklyn Hangover”, we are expecting a killer performance in Mexico!

Favorite beach drink? Domaines Ott Rose

What is your pre performance routine? Sleep for a couple hours, wake up with a drink of Berocca with Guarana

Longest set you’ve played? 8 hours, but was still warming up ...

Favorite Mexican dish? Beef fajitas and lots of chilly hot jalapeño

Most odd performance moment? Some guy came up to me with his iPhone and USB lead asking to charge his phone on my computer

What can we expect from you at BPM Festival? More bombs to test out

Current musical influences? Deep techno

Average time it takes you to make a track? 2 days solid

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be? UN - Human rights

Bikini or one piece? Bikini

Last song on your iPod? Pan-Pot Metal Rush

First DJ you saw live? Danny tenaglia at Tunnel NYC

If you could only play 3 more songs for the rest of your life what would they be?

P!nk _ F**kin' Perfect
Tupac _ All Eyez On Me
Led Zepplin _ Kashmir

Next music release? Nicole Moudaber_Roar EP out on Intec Jan 28

DJ you want to:

Hug? Anja Schneider
Party with? Joseph Capriati
Play along side? Cassy

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