We all know party goers love to wear glasses in the club and at festivals. They are usually in the form of nerd glasses or sunglasses. Cue PrizmEyez. These glasses transform ordinary lights into bursts of psychedelic color! Imagine receiving a lightshow from our friends over at Emazing Lights wearing them. Imagine being in the crowd at Ultra Music Festival at night watching Afrojack as the fireworks explode in the air with an array of colors. Wearing these glasses will create a stunning visual experience you will never forget. I had a chance to try these out at a club and I was mesmerized. They were comfortable, I could see through them, and the visuals were intense. Also for me, one of the coolest aspects of this company is the owner's story having made these glasses by hand for a year and a half. She believed in her craft and her product, and is now reaping the benefits of her hard work! Truly amazing. I recommend you go grab yours NOW!

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