Italian Luchador mask-wearing duo Pelussje (aka James Nayler & Chiara Benelli) have been a force in electro since their emergence in 2008, with a catalogue of releases on powerhouse labels Ultra Music, Sony and EMI, and having shared the stage with artists such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, Congrorock and Boys Noize just to name a few.

In November of 2014, however, they took on a new creative direction. Their three-track AH-ITE EP, which was released via Nest, pays homage to 90's nostalgia with its Jock Jams throwback sound, while working in elements of modern dance/electronic music.

Now we are presented with the music video for "Macaulay 23." According to Pelussje, the video's story is told from the point of view of the young dancers, a group of friends who obviously didn’t experience the nineties in person but from the TV series, movies and music videos of that decade. Indeed they “play” Willy the Fresh Prince, X Files and dress the part of their old school idols, dancing with the typical style of that period and even faking the home video editing on VHS. Check out the b-boy and breakdancer filled video above. Also, read our Q&A with Pelussje on the video and the release below.

Check out the full AH-ITE EP and download it on NEST HQ!

How did you guys come up with the idea for this video? What was your inspiration for producing “Macaulay 23"? 

The whole EPAH-ITE (released on Nest last November) is entirely inspired by the glorious cheesiness of the nineties. Even the title of this track is a mash-up tribute to Macaulay Culkin and the legendary number 23 of Michael Jordan. So, we wanted to experience that inspiring decade again by creating a video full of quotes and VIPs who made those years amazingly weird and cheesy, like Willy the Fresh Prince, the Ghetto Blaster, Dawson etc..

Have you written/directed videos before? 

No, this is the very fist video we totally wrote, directed and shot…we’re incredibly proud of it!

How long did it take you guys to shoot the video? 

It took about one week to create all the “faces” and props, and two days of proper shooting with all the dancers and breakers…but they had been trained for weeks! It’s been a challenge but it was totally worth it.

Were there any challenges for this shoot in particular? 

Well…the night before the first shooting day we realized that we just had ONE battery for the GoPro…and as we shot in an abandoned space in the middle of nothing, it would have been quite hard to charge it! Luckily, we had some life-saver USB portable chargers, so we’ve been able not to f--- up everything and charge the batteries between one choreography and the other… Phew!