E.A.S.Y. is the collaborative project from DMC Champions Enferno and Shiftee, two of the most skilled turntablists in the game. It's an appropriate name for this massive new combination, as these two make their incredible showing of turntable-work and drum machine use look easy.

The two are signed to the Slow Roast Records, the DJ Craze-fronted label — a fitting home for the duo, since Craze is the only DJ to claim the DMC World Championship title three times consecutively. Basically, real recognize real, which is why he is thrilled to be releasing "Pop Music" from the duo. DJ Craze expresses his enthusiasm with the release, stating, "Proud to have the homies E.A.S.Y. releasing "Pop Music" on Slow Roast. A combination of top-notch musicianship and turntablism."

One listen to this new masterful creation from E.A.S.Y. and you'll understand why Craze is singing their praise. The music video shows their live instrumentation of the track, supplying each element of the track on the spot and with extreme precision. In a world where most electronic music is produced with the use of computer programs, then performed by utilizing CDJs, these guys are flipping the game on its head, bringing an old-school art form to modern day electronic/dance music. "Pop Music" is a chilled out trap banger, perfect for the hype settings of club shows or kicking it at the crib with the homies.

"We channeled our inner house party on this one.  Red cups, lights down, everyone chilling and having a good time," says E.A.S.Y.. "We intentionally wanted to make a song that could work both in your headphones and on the dancefloor. You can bump and grind to this, kick back in the crib with your homies, or walk down your block and feel on top of the world. And who better to join forces with than fellow #RealDJ Craze and his Slow Roast label? After the party, it's an E.A.S.Y. party."

This union of legendary DJs certainly has us excited for what's to come in the future for the incredibly talented duo. You can stream "Pop Music" and download it for free via E.A.S.Y.'s Soundcloud below.

Heading out to SXSW? Catch E.A.S.Y. in action as they perform at Lose Control on March 19 at Krave, and Do It To It on March 20 at the W Hotel.