The mysterious group Phuture Doom has been turning heads recently with their onslaught of new audio and visual material that is nothing short of unique and ideologically confounding. Recently releasing their first book of Phuturism, "The Book of Nightfall," Phuture Doom is taking on a life of of its own beyond a musical production team and into an ideology based, artistic endeavor that seeks to be a "worldview merging occult ritual and transhumanism-an audiovisual infrastructure of clashing system functions-a revelation of human choices."

The 24 minute long audio book delves into the advent of a new humankind, motivated by the ideals of transhumanism and the integration of man with technology to erase mankind's sufferings. Interlaced with tracks off their upcoming album, the group showcases their twisting sounds of metal and dubstep, termed black acid, to further drive the book's message as a harrowing portrait of our forthcoming singularity between technology and man. Doom will be performing for the first time live at Hard Day of the Dead in Los Angeles on November 2nd and are releasing their first full length album, "Eponymous" out November 5th on OWSLA. The show and album is sure to alter minds and ears with a fully transformative, encapturing experience of sight and sound that will leave no witness the same ever again.

Written by: Julez Rodriguez