Everyone has that friend that is a total music nazi, forcing everyone else to listen to the music they want to listen to. It usually doesn't take long for people to call that person out, and before you know it, everyone is arguing about what should be played at the party. Well now there is finally a democratic solution to settle this all too frequent and often times frustrating ordeal.

A new app, appropriately titled 'Party Pooper,' allows users to create a channel for your party, invite your friends to join you, queue songs from Spotify and then vote on what keeps playing. All you need is the app and a Spotify account, though you only need the free version of the streaming app.

Now when someone at the party insists on listening to Kesha or Nickelback, everyone else at the party can not only roast the living hell out of that person, but they can also collectively relieve them of their musical hosting duties. It's a double whammy. Grab the Party Pooper app via the App Store and for Android via Google Play now.

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