NYC’s adoration of Sander van Doorn has reached an epic scale. Be it known that the love permeates the globe.  Still, the Big Apple embraces the Dutchman as an idol and a family member.

As he descends from Pacha’s VIP Mezzanine into the DJ booth and steps behind the 4 Pioneer CDJs (set up specifically for him) he is greeted not as a DJ but rather like a long lost brother. The tsunami of sound that emanates from the crowd is intense. Not a single note has been played, and yet the roar from the thousands in attendance is ear shattering—this happens every single time Sander plays here.

With Mayaeni by Sander’s side, he opens his set with the now legendary “Nothing Inside.” The crowd is instantly swept away by her soulful voice, and gleefully sings along with their hands held high. As the song builds up, fists begin to pump, bodies begin to jump and in an instant Pacha erupts like a fully loaded volcano… and only 4 minutes had passed.

For hours Sander delivers massive track after banger after “holy sh**!” sound bombs, including “Koko” and his new hit with Julian Jordan “Kangaroo.” The still-packed house sends Sander off with the same enthusiasm they greeted him with nearly four hours earlier.

Look out for Sander van Doorn in elektro magazine, coming soon.

Photos by Andrew Rauner

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