- When did you decide you wanted to Pursue Djing?

Cole: I decided to start Djing two and a half years ago, when I was 14.

- Was there anyone you followed that influenced you or what made you decide to start?

Cole: My dad was a huge factor in learning how to DJ, as well as helping my family out, we didn't have that much money so I wanted to help out.

- Your dad was a DJ?

Cole: Yes, he played in California, Orlando, Denver and all around East Coast.

- So your latest single “Lie to me” features Myon and Shane 54, and you have another one with Perry (Farrell), is there any other Dj’s or vocalists you’d like to collaborate with?

Cole: Well I’d love to collaborate with a lot of the artists at Lollapalooza such as Major Lazer, and Adventure Club as well, I’d love to do a dubstep collaboration with them, that’d be really sick.

- Have you met anyone at Lolla that you got a chance to spoke with?

Cole: I got a chance to talk to Steve (Angello), and Dada life, I got Steve’s email so that was pretty cool.

- So you play a lot of clubs, is Lollapalooza the biggest festival you've played?

Cole: This is by far the biggest festival, biggest show I have ever played, it was incredible, I started at 1 and the last 15 minutes the crowd tripled in size. No one could believe I was 16, it was cool.

- So I have to ask, how does a 16 year old play at all these clubs across the country?

Cole: Well I have security walk me through the back right before my set, there is no alcohol allowed in my room, and as soon as my set is done, security walks me back out the back.

- What programs do you use for your masterpieces?

Cole: For production I use Cubase, I mainly work in there. Ableton I use for live performing and editing my tracks, I have logic as well, but I mainly work with Cubase.

- So It’s to my understanding that you are instrumentally inclined.

Cole: Yeah, I play piano, guitar, bass, and trombone. I am in my school’s marching band.

- Do you plan on using and instrumentals in your future productions?

Cole: I do, I plan to use a lot of horns in future productions. Watching some good trap songs and how a lot of artists like TNGHT incorporate a lot of horns in theirs, so it would be cool to have horns that lead into a massive trap drop, 'cause that what works at festivals.

- So you are associated with Disney I believe, do you plan on any acting in the future?

Cole: Not necessarily Disney but more so Hollywood records, they work hand in hand with Disney records. I’ve done a lot of projects for them, I worked on the Tron soundtrack as well, I donated a song to that, I’m not gonna become a Disney actor.

- So what’s a normal day life for you, you’re a junior correct?

Cole: Normal day life is waking up for school, I’m gonna be a junior in 2 weeks, after this festival I go back to school. So junior year means starting prepping for college. My days are gonna consist of SAT prep probably, finish all my classes, marching band, track and trying to record an album!

- On the topic of college, do you know what you want to do?

Cole: I want to go to college for music scoring. Like movie scoring and such like the way Daft Punk worked with Joe Trapanese on tron legacy and Trent Reznor on the Social Network, I want to go to USC.

Written by: Derek Bogseth

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