"DJ Answers" is an original series in which OneBeat sits down with an elite electronic dance music artist for a little Q & A. Premier DJs from around the globe answer our questions revealing the personality behind their public persona. In this episode, OneBeat gets into the psyche of DJ/Producer 12th Planet (John Dadzie) at his Downtown L.A studio. A very candid and down to earth Dadzie speaks to his personal life, his influences and the many artists that have a penchant to drop by his Downtown music lair to hang out and make groundbreaking music. Skrillex, Nero, Flinch “all the Top 100 Dubstep producers have been here. The energy that comes from this place [and what is put back out into the universe] makes Dubstep that much better” Dadzie says of the magic that happens in the compound. “It's just about good vibes, good times, and positive energy,” he explains. Fresh off a headlining tour throughout Asia, the Electric Zoo Festival and a massive North American tour for his “The End is Near” EP, the end is far from near for Dubstepper John Dadzie. 12th Planet will be embarking upon one of his biggest stateside tours to date supporting Dada Life and Pretty Lights. Be sure not to miss him!

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