Just like their beautiful and melodic music, the video for ODESZA's recent single “All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)" is packed with emotion. The video touches on a number of deep concepts like the idea of love, addiction and hedonism that can cloud our judgement. The title of the track says it all. What is all we need? Do we need to constantly feel pleasure or is it more important to have companionship? The video raises these questions and allows the viewer to reflect on the choices we make and how we can achieve happiness. It’s obvious that ODESZA’s music forces the listener to feel and think about emotions and their new video does the same.

Continuing their ascent to the top of the dance music industry, ODESZA has produced another hit single that has taken the scene by storm. Remixes from Giraffage, Dawn Golden, Robert DeLong, Will Saul and Autograf have received critical acclaim from producers and fans alike, and the Autograf remix quickly achieved the No. 1 spot on the Hype Machine popular chart. With the Autograf remix taking that top spot on Hype Machine, ODESZA has their 21st No. 1 track on the site — a spectacular accomplishment for the young producers. It’s no surprise to those who have been following them since they stepped onto the scene in 2013 and quickly caught the ear of fans all over the world with their sensual beats and lively performances.

This year they embarked on their first ever headlining tour that already has 21 gigs sold out. The new track comes at a time when ODESZA is gearing up for a massive Spring/Summer tour where the production duo will be making stops at festivals like Ultra, BUKU Festival, SXSW, Electric Forest and more. Head to ODESZA's official website for dates, tickets and more information.

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