Over the past few months Autograf has shared phenomenal work that sees the trio continue to progress their distinct production style. Their remixes have become a staple of the tropical house scene, with each new track bringing it’s own unique feel and flavor. They have a knack for transforming music by using fun and bubbly textures of sound that reveal a truly wonderful and complex finished product. Layers of synth and atmospheric tones form the foundation that sets them apart from other run-of-the-mill producers. Reminiscent of artists like Kygo and Thomas Jack, Autograf have really come into their own designation of the tropical house genre as of late, and they seem to be pumping out new music every week. Sharing so much music has presented fans with a vast catalogue of remixes that all have mass appeal, while generously offering most of them for free download.

Autograf’s latest remix is another masterpiece that sees the group take their sound to the next level. Remixing ODESZA’s ‘All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)’ by taking the intro’s synth melody and using it as the focal point really puts the Autograf mark on the new track. Going even further by adding a deep bass breakdown allows them to build a new cohesive track that is both emotive and refreshing. Be sure to check back with us for more Autograf tunes as they continue to branch out and share new music at the fastest pace possible.

Autograf Tour Dates:
Feb 13 Club Montes - Mexico City, Mexico
Feb 14 Loot Surf and Style - Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Feb 20 Bang Bang - San Diego, CA
Feb 21 Area 51 - Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 18 Luckie's - Hampton, VA
Apr 25 Maison - Costa Mesa, CA
May 01 Electric Owl - Vancouver, Canada
May 02 Republik - Calgary, Canada
Jul 17 Cooks Valley Campground - Piercy, CA

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