After a week full of parties in anticipation of the new year, the eve of 2013 did not disappoint; in fact, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. On paper, this Dada Life event looked amazing. Deniz Koyu, Bass Jackers, and Dada Life were all to perform the last party of 2012 and the first of 2013. The setting: a borough which could stand alone as its own city. A place popular for underground raves, hipsters and Jay Z. Brooklyn, NY was about to feel the DADA!

Promoters Area Event produced the show, the Dada Land Compound felt just like its name. In the grittiness of the East Williamsburg neighborhood, there are shipping trucks everywhere, warehouse after warehouse, a place normally buzzing with workers packing meat and unloading goods off ships from the nearby river. This night however, was all about EDM and the celebration of the past and the future. Thousands of fans walked a long path, not knowing what to expect from
an area that was grungy and cold. Directed by the event staff, with high hopes and anticipation, we moved closer to the check in. It felt like it was Halloween all over; Dada Life fans are just as animated as the artists themselves. We started to feel the bass underneath our feet, smiles and cheers came from the banana suited fans.

The wait was over, coats were checked and the party was in full swing! No soft transition at this party, Deniz koyu had a massive crowd going ballistic, everyone absorbing the energy from each other. This was in fact, Dada Land. The warehouse was transformed into a futuristic compound of EDM. Pillars with LED screens lined up throughout the
venue showing a countdown the time left until new years in Matrix-like binary graphics. A lounge that made you feel like you were in Pandora from the film Avatar with black light trees, art installations and cushioned seating. There was a low level ceiling, which really gave it a rave-esque vibe. The venue felt like a mash up of the Blood Rave scene from Blade, Pandora from Avatar and The Matrix; truly magical.

Probably the best EDM party starting track of all time, “Tung” by Deniz Koyu was causing all types of mayhem. Deniz gave a stellar performance mixing his best tracks with other big room anthems from other artists such as Otto Knows, Swedish House Mafia, Benny Benassi and more. Deniz played till the clock struck midnight. Everyone kissed their accompanied partners and then it was Dada Time. Dada Life came on with explosive energy and plenty of champagne, a signature of their performances. Champagne showers, crowd surfing and Dada Life music, the Swedish duo did not leave anything to be desired. Dada Life brought all of their weapons including their own original tracks and
remixes such as crowd favorite Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life Remix). The group also surprised fans with pillows, yes, pillows. To the drop of the beat a massive pillow fight ensued, something I’ve never seen before. Dada Life continued to party throughout the night, ending their set at around 3 am. Bassjackers continued there after,
bringing hard bass and Dirty Dutch music, dropping “Dear New York” by Firebeatz & Schella and setting the tone. It was a packed house in Brooklyn. Fans kept flocking in. The New Years celebration would continue into the early Am hours as Luciano would go on after the hard hitting Bassjackers keeping Dada Land going. The Swedish Duo made their way to the VIP section to celebrate with fans and pop more Champagne. The Venue, the performers and the props gave an experience
that you would usually see at large music festivals like EDC & Ultra. We expect to see more headlining performances in Brooklyn in 2013 as other parties try to top Area Event’s Dada Land.

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