Out now on Spinnin' Records is the remix package of NERVO & Norman Doray's "Something To Believe In". Featured on the release are reworkings of the single by Hard Rock Sofa and Carl Louis & Martin Danielle. Hard Rock Sofa's remix is an electro-house take on the track, supplying a darker, more energetic sound than NERVO & Norman Doray's original mix. Powerful piano and synth progressions create an epic build leading to the track's pounding, rapid-fire drop, perfect for moving festival crowds. Carl Louis & Martin Danielle's
collaboration brings the house production back to the earlier days of house music, bringing a back-to-basics sound with its melodic piano progression, that makes this remix a tailor-made fit for the clubs of Ibiza. Its simpler, yet effective sound shows off the duo's clean production on the track, giving us a new way to enjoy NERVO & Norman Doray's powerful single. The remix package of "Something To Believe In" is now available via Spinnin' Records.

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