Nicolas Jaar has unexpectedly released a new album. This surprise LP, titled Pomegranates, is a 20-track collection of tunes inspired by the 1969 Soviet art film called 'The Colour of Pomegranates.' He writes, "At the beginning of 2015 my friend Milo heard some of these songs and told me about the film. I watched it and was dumbfounded. I felt the aesthetic made complete sense with the strange themes I had been obsessed with over the past couple of years...I was curious to see what my songs sounded like when synced with the images, which turned into a 2-day bender where I soundtracked the entire film, creating a weird collage of the ambient music I had made over the last 2 years. The film gave me a structure to follow and themes to stick to. It gave clarity to this music that was made mostly out of and through chaos. It also gave me the balls to put it out." Download the album here, and check out the complete track list below.

Track list:
01. "Garden of Eden"
02. "Construction"
03. "Pass the Time"
04. "Survival"
05. "The Fool and His Harem"
06. "Nothingness"
07. "Near Death"
08. "Beasts of This Earth"
09. "Fall Into Time"
10. "Folie à deux"
11. "Screams at the Edge of Dawn"
12. "Divorce"
13. "Three Windows"
14. "Tourists"
15. "Shame"
16. "Tower of Sin"
17. "Club Kapital"
18. "Volver"
19. "Spirit"
20. "Muse"