When a track gets remixed, it’s always interesting to see how one artist interprets the work of another. Showing how a track can be transformed into a completely separate production all together is a true testament to the remixer and shows how the original can be expanded in new directions. Nicolas Jaar’s new remix certainly did just that by evolving "What Kind of Man" by Florence & The Machine into a 12-minute electronic buffet of intricate percussion, steady bass line and synth tweaks that is a prime example of how a track can be reconstructed.

Nicolas Jaar has been a leading figure in the underground music scene for years now with his unique and original style of production. His work is always expected with high anticipation and met with critical acclaim, which has created quite a buzz whenever we get a chance to hear something new from him. With DARKSIDE, Nicolas Jaar’s project with Dave Harrington, he furthered his musical scope with live instrumentation that was met with sold out shows all around the world. It's clear that his talent is unparalleled and the unmistakable nature of his music is highly coveted.

Now we are graced with a lengthy and stimulating 12-minute remix that we just don’t want to end. Shared on Jaar’s Other People record label Soundcloud page there is no news of an official release just yet but fans will be eager to get their hand on this one. It’s been a while since we saw any new material released by the prominent artist and we can only wait in anticipation for Nicolas Jaar to give us some more.

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