When it comes to watches, the amount of brands available at any given store is tremendous. It takes a lot nowadays to catch our attention and then most importantly for that brand, the resulting purchase of the product. odm Watches recently sent me five separate but very unique watches to test out. I have never heard of the brand but after going through the website and seeing the hundreds of different types of brands I was sold on trying them out.

First up was the 60 second black strap with black dial and transparent orange lens. I wore this one at our RE:MIX Lab event in Las Vegas. When I first saw this watch I was blown away by the big face and obviously the orange lens (considering elektro's color is orange). Other than its massive size, the other unique aspect to this watch are the numbers showcased on the face. You have a 2, 3, 5, and 9. People were very curious about this as was I when I first saw it. I had a lot of good feedback from people in Vegas. When you wear this watch people take notice.

Purchase for $99

Next up is the ILLUMI Collection white strap/white lens. This was one of my favorite watches because it is so weird, in a good way! I am one that hates reading manuals so when I opened this bad boy I was stuck looking at it and pressing buttons for a good 30 minutes before I finally gave in. The watch is stunning. You press a button on the side which gives you time in various colors and scattered throughout the face. I wore this watch in LA and was showing everyone I could talk to. "How cool is this?" "Have you ever seen this before?" I was such a nerd with this watch but rightfully so.

Purchase for $100

I then tried out the 3 touch digital module with time, calendar, scrolling function, world time & chronograph by a touch on lens. As you can tell from the description, this watch does a ton of different things. An all in one watch which is perfect for the person who does not want to take his or her phone out every five seconds to see a calendar or times in different zones. The watch's face also resembles a turntable (in my eyes) which I thought was very cool.

Purchase for $150

One of the most stylish of the bunch was the PHANTIME Red case & lens odm LED module/Red with a shiny nylon strap. This is another watch to nerd out to as the face is completely blank until you press the top left button on the side and LED dots show up, create a design and then showcase the time. It made me think of an old school video game. The other really cool factor about this watch is the color. The red pops on this watch and really catches people's eyes, whether you are just walking down the street, eating a meal, or hanging out at the club. All of which I did in Los Angeles with this watch. I had people on Hollywood Blvd. coming up to me asking where I got this watch. I then ate at Umami Burger and the waitress couldn't stop talking to me about it. When I told her to press the button her eyes lit up and she immediately wrote the odm website down to purchase it. At the club, when the light hit it, the red really popped! A really good experience with this one.

Purchase for $155

Last but certainly not least, the JC/DC POP collection, white multi-color silicone strap, stainless steel butterfly buckle w/ pusher. ODM surprised me with this one because when I received it, I saw there was scrolling time and date. What I then noticed was that they programmed elektro into the watch as well to scroll (see above on the banana). I loved this. The ability to personalize your watch in this day and age is extremely important. I wore this to our RE:MIX Lab event in Seattle and it was a hit. People were offering me money for the watch but I declined. Besides the face, the color scheme of the band is amazing. You have blue, white, yellow, green and red. This watch can be worn with many different outfits at a variety of functions. Purchase this watch fast as they are limited.

Purchase for $155

All in all I had a great experience with the watches. Unique designs, easy to use and affordable. Three important points when looking at watches to buy. Check out the hundreds of different styles on ODM's Official Website.