MOSKA apparently doesn’t believe in sleeping too much. The Colombian producer has been releasing track after track all throughout the year, leaving no room for anyone to question whether or not the 20-year-old is putting in work in the studio. Having just released the free track “Stealth” yesterday, Daniel has unloaded a gift we look forward to unwrapping just in time for the holiday season. He’s uploaded the track “Cartagena” on his Soundcloud in anticipation for its December 10th release and it’s as fun as the beachside city that inspired its title. Known for its fiery climate and equally fiery people, Cartagena is the Miami of MOSKA’s South American nation (and the hometown of this writer for that matter). The high-strung melodies and forceful drums of the track are perfect to keep you and your alcohol-fueled raging going the whole night through. A nice nod to a beloved city, “Cartagena” is a track you’ll want in your arsenal as soon as it comes out on Cr2 Records.

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