Fresh off his huge North American tour and the release of his even bigger debut compilation, “Little Black Book," Yorkshire-born DJ and producer Hot Since 82 has left his standing as one of dance music’s most talented acts nearly unquestionable. Unless you were living under a rock over the summer, then you undoubtedly got down on the dance floor to his killer remix of Green Velvet’s chart-topper, “Bigger Than Prince," forcing you to clamor and bug out over its slinky beats. Elektro caught up with Hot Since 82, known to his mom and pals as Daley Padley, to talk about his summer on the White Isle, his tour and more. Check it out below along with a Soundcloud stream of “Little Black Book”!

Tell us about your summer in Ibiza

HS82: Summer was been crazy as always, especially with our big presence in Ibiza this year. It’s nice to have a presence in the dance capital of the world. It’s pretty important as DJ to have a presence, especially in Ibiza.

What was the response from the crowd when you would play your “Bigger Than Prince” remix?

HS82: It’s still the same now as it was a few months ago, absolutely mental! We have people show up with the “Bigger Than Prince” t-shirts. I’ve been saving it for the last record of the night now because people are just waiting to hear it. So when I leave it for the last song, they go even more insane.

Is there any particular moment from the summer that stands out?

HS82: It’s just that moment when you’re playing and you’re thinking about how ecstatic you are to be here. It’s nice when your managers are there and your friends. I played once after Maya Jane Coles and it was great seeing my friends to one side and the crowd on the other side. It was a really special moment.

What’s it like to be a part of these massive lineups that Ibiza has to offer?

HS82: I’m just booked to do my thing you know. I’m not the kind of person who gets nervous or anything like that. I’m there to do my thing, that’s why I’m being booked for these events.

Are you excited about Sankeys opening stateside?

HS82: Yeah, we were actually just speaking briefly about that the other day. I’m excited to see the club and the lineups. Hopefully we can get a booking out there as well. We’re great friends with the Sankeys ( team.

Walk us through the album. What inspired it? How was the production of it?

HS82: It started six, seven months ago or so. It was great because I was given the free range to go out there and do anything I wanted to do. It’s a nice mixture of everything between melodies and club bangers.

What’s the response been so far?

HS82: It’s been excellent! It’s half mix compilation and half album as well. It’s nice for people who haven’t seen me in the club to just pop the cd in their car and listen to it. They get a glimpse of what it would be like in the club.

Do you have any plans on touring more stateside?

HS82: Yeah we do! Shows are coming in quickly! We can’t announce exactly where yet, but we will be on the East Coast, West Coast and Canada early next year!

How do you manage touring and producing?

HS82: Haha Managers! It’s just about finding and making studio time work. Every hour in the studio has to be productive. I’ll write things down when I’m on the road, but the ultimate product is always finished in a proper studio which could take up to three days for me to finish.

Do you have a specific production style or pattern that you typically follow? Where do you start?

HS82: Everything has worked around a pattern. Typically I put the drums in first and I’ve always done this for years. To get inspiration you need to set the atmosphere and then start adding elements one by one.

What would you like your fans to take away after going to one of your shows?

HS82: Most importantly I would like to think that people would have taken away a journey. I’ve got to take them on this journey, there and back. I want them to feel like they’ve been somewhere.

What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

HS82: I like the Israeli guys because they take me somewhere. I like all that kind of stuff. I just have so much music that I love listening to. So too many to answer.

Do you ever get the opportunity to just get out there and dance?

HS82: That’s why I’m there for. I’m a bit of a raver, especially if my friends are there. I’m not into the whole VIP stereotype. I like to get out there.

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