As part of the French new school that has been making waves in the EDM scene, Mercer has made a habit of producing some of the biggest festival-ready tunes. From his massive collaboration with Lil Jon and Alvaro, "Welcome to the Jungle," to releases on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings and Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records, Mercer has proven himself able to deliver chest-rattling, crowd-rousing big room beats.

Now, as both a gesture of appreciation to his loyal fans and to ring in the new year, Mercer has released the free download of his new track "Russian Roulette." If EDM is a gamble, you can bet your life on Mercer continuing to drop tracks heavier than ACME anvils. The track is noticeably shorter than the original mixes that were released on the previously mentioned powerhouse labels (such as the almost five-minute-long DJ Snake collaboration "Lunatic" that was released via Spinnin' Records, and marked one of the most played tracks at Ultra 2014). Coming in at almost 2 and a half minutes, the track features a dual drop, one with a squeeky synth and the other with atonal tribal percussion, with the first transitioning smoothly into the second like riding an escalator into the hear of an Amazonian jungle.

Grab your very own copy of the free download from Mercer's SoundCloud, and see him headline Uniun Nightclub in Toronto, as well as open for head-baging Tommy Trash and the Chainsmokers in San Bernardino, California at the NOS Events Center. Head to Mercer's official Facebook page for tickets and more information.

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