Yesterday, the internet exploded amidst accusations that DJ Snake jacked a track from Seattle based producer, Breaux. DJ Snake released a highly publicized remix of The Prodigy's "Breathe" for free but experts quickly pointed out the striking similarity of Snake's rework to another one done by Breaux 5 months earlier. With no comment from either camp the story exploded on the interwebs and accusations flew.

It seems the whole debacle may boil down to a simple misunderstanding. The master track was low on Breaux's edit and DJ Snake wanted to be able to play it in his sets so he reached out to Mercer to get the stems. The only problem is DJ Snake was never supposed to release it. According to Breaux he and DJ Snake are on the same page but Mercer still calls it a "huge misunderstanding". One fan tweeted at Breaux and DJ Snake asking if Breaux had sold Snake the song. DJ Snake's response was a simple, "Hell no." DJ Snake's version of the track has since been removed from his SoundCloud.

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