Remember Black Rob? If you don’t, here’s a quick refresher course: Black Rob is a rapper from Harlem, NY, who was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records from the mid-90’s to 2010. He was featured on some remixes for the label, gaining a little bit of notoriety, but in 1999 he released "Whoa."

That song was huge. Radio stations and MTV played that track ad nauseum for months. This was the time when hip-hop dominated the mainstream music scene (and electronic music was deep in the underground), and songs like “Whoa” could make you into an instant star. You couldn’t escape hearing this song, even if you tried your hardest. It was catchy in it’s simplicity, and we can now look back on it as a symbol of what that time in music was all about. You can watch the music video for the track below.

Fast forward to 2015, and “Whoa” is making a comeback, albeit in the form of a free remix from fast-rising producer Meaux Green. Master of what he calls “Rave-Hop,” Mr. Green takes the hip-hop classic and turns it into a great dancefloor number. Combining elements from trap, house and bass music, the Miami-based artist creates an infectious groove that doesn’t adhere to any one specific genre, instead creating a track that can be appreciated by everyone on the dancefloor. And his love for hip-hop is present as well, as “Whoa” keeps many of it’s original parts intact as the backbone for the track, using them as an homage to the hey-day of late 90’s hip-hop, instead of just using it to cash in on cheap nostalgia.

With electronic music now ruling the mainstream music scene, while hip-hop has taken a step back in it’s prominence (see, Eminem; people DO listen to techno!), it’s great that an artist on the rise like Meaux Green can create a track that shares his love of classic songs to a new audience that may have never known it even existed. And that’s WHOA!