Today marks the release of Martin Solveig's long-awaited album "SMASH" in the United States. The album includes the multi-platinum hit single featuring Dragonette, “Hello”, as well as Dada Life's high-energy, electro-house remix of the track. The album also features three other original collaborations with Dragonette, "Can't Stop", "Big In Japan" (also featuring Idoling!!!), and another one of Solveig's singles, "Boys and Girls". These Dragonette collaborations give the album a fun, electro-pop side. "Racer 21" follows the same sound as a pop-sounding electro track with uplifting key and bass progressions. Solveig's collaboration with Kele, "Ready 2 Go" also appears on the album, along with Hardwell's Big Room house remix.

The album also contains two versions of Solveig’s latest single “The Night Out” – a remix from rising electronic star Madeon, as well as the reworking of A-Trak's remix (A-Trak vs. Martin Rework). "Let's Not Play Games" featuring Sunday Girl is a drastic change of pace on the album, with a slow tempo and a melodic mixing of electronic effects with the track's vocals. Another curveball Solveig throws to his listeners is the track "Get Away From You", a pop-rock track without an electronic base, sounding as if it was simply recorded using drums, bass, and guitar. The album also contains "We Came To Smash - In A Black Tuxedo", Solveig's collaboration with Dev. This track is a high-energy electronic track, perfect for pumping up a crowd of fans. All together, this album is a diverse, progressive electronic collection, ranging from heavy, bassy electro-house remixes to very pop-sounding tracks. As he establishes himself as one of the premiere DJs in the world, Martin Solveig seems to be opening the door for more artists whose sounds do not strictly lie in an electronic base. In the meantime Solveig is continuing to smash electronic shows and festivals worldwide. Listen to the album, available now exclusively on iTunes, below:

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