Luminox, the trap DJ/producer responsible for bringing us the insane trap remixes of Bingo Players' "Rattle" and Quintino & Sandro Silva's "Epic," returns with a brand new original track, "Hate Me." Luminox seemingly dedicates this one to all of his haters out there, so if you're one of those haters, prepare to sip some more haterade. Luminox brings one of his most impressive, gangster-approved beats with this one, supplying a bouncing, grinding drop that blends with the rapid high-hats, creating one of the more perfect mixtures of hip-hop and EDM elements we've heard recently. With "Hate Me," Luminox is showing why he'll be running the trap for some time. For those who haven't heard of Luminox, prepare to have a new name in trap on your radar. Check out Luminox's "Hate Me" below.

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