It was a very special Sunday night in New York City as Luciano graced the marble walls of the marvelous Cipriani Midtown with his tantalizing sound. The evening started early with a fantastic couple hours with Nadav Vee and Vanjee. And then Luciano came on and took the party way into early Monday morning.

Luciano’s performance at Cipriani was a fusion of irresistible techno and sizzling Latin rhythms. Aside from being one of the biggest stars in dance music, the DJ, producer, and boss of Cadenza Records is known to also be quite humble. While clearly surrounded by all the stars of dance music up in the assembled and elevated VIP section, his interaction with the crowd was undeniably benign.

The grandiose Cipriani Midtown, located across the street from Grand Central Station on 42nd street, was the perfect venue for the night. The Italian Renaissance inspired masterpiece had towering marble columns, soaring ceilings, magnificent inlaid floors and glorious chandeliers. Of course, the floor was scattered with confetti and made to dance while the ceiling was graced with lasers and lights. It was the most sophisticated of electronic dance music celebrations as everyone was dressed their best. Classic men and women dressed in black and white helped everyone with their coats. And you could hear the chatter in multilingual tongues as everyone sipped their drinks and enjoyed the sounds of Ibiza being played in New York.

Luciano played beat after steady beat, and the crowd was reveling on the enormous dance floor. Guests from all over came out for the festivities: some fans claim they saw Tiesto, Victor Calderone, and Sleepy&Boo. The VIP was abuzz but the place to be was the dance floor as the speakers boomed and happy faces danced the night away.

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