Steve Aoki's label, Dim Mak Records has released records from Zedd, Infected Mushroom, Dada Life, Datsik, Autoerotique, The Bloody Beetroots, Felix Cartal and more. The latest release on this Los Angeles based label comes from Killbot, otherwise known as JDevil(or Jonathan Davis of Korn fame)'s new side project with Sluggo and Tyler Blue. The trio's new EP is called Sound Surgery, and has head-bang ready driving, blitzing basslines along with seismic synths that sound like they emerged from the depths from hell. The new EP has four tracks, all of which showcase Killbot's production diversity. The first, self-titled track is characterized by the crunching riffs that border on metal, showing clear influences from JDevil's past as Korn frontman. The next track, Feel Alive, brings to mind the darker side of electronic music and dubstep, bringing to mind some of the more aggressive EDM producers like Kill the Noise or Excision. The light vocals, from Davis himself, contrasting with the grinding basslines is an assault on your eardrums you'll want to play over and over. The third track, Wrecked, has more of an electro house influence while still maintaining the captivating darkness Killbot is known for in the heavy breakdown. The final track, Ill Fuck It, has some hip-hop influences while maintaining Killbot's dark, glitched out signature sound. Davis's past as the lead frontman of Korn is evident on the record (many of the songs are based on strong guitar chord progressions), but does not overwhelm it. Killbot opens a whole new door for EDM, and a whole new chapter for Davis: nu metal fans who have been opposed to the electronic music scene in the past will surely be swayed by this impressive production.

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