When it comes to live sets, some artists struggle to stay relevant or innovative while still staying true to their roots. From clubs to festivals to arena shows, we continue to hear talk of commercialized and unoriginal sets. However, Kaskade proved a true master of balance during the kickoff of his Atmosphere Tour in Miami’s American Airlines Arena last weekend. The visuals were breath taking, but it was the music that took center-stage during the performance. Those of us who have been listening to the Kaskade since his beginnings in the late ‘90s found ourselves on a journey down memory lane. Combining classics like “Angel On My Shoulder,” “Its You Its Me,” and “Move For Me,” with some expertly-placed electro drops, Kaskade kept the energy high and the emotion real. Vocalist Skylar Grey sang onstage when he played “Room For Happiness,” and the crowd raised their cell phones and light-up ‘Kaskade’ batons in unison. He chose “Eyes” as his closing track, a perfect end to beautiful performance. All we can say is, New York doesn’t know what’s coming.

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