Picture this: A quiet Tuesday night after Labor Day. Three hundred lucky fans dressed to impress with two bouncers handling tickets and guest lists. Publicists and writers from every possible outlet in NYC being handed wristbands for one of the most anticipated nights of the end of summer.

What was the commotion about?

Known to a majority of his fans as the Kaskade who drops Big Room House anthems “Turn It Down” and “Fire In Your New Shoes,” we, alongside 300 other lucky fans, had the opportunity to experience a different Kaskade. Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade gave us an experience that is nearly indescribable, one filled with the roots of his forthcoming album “Atmosphere.”

As we enter into the single digit countdown for Kaskade’s long awaited “Atmosphere” tour and album release, there are only a two things that come to mind: 1. Will “Atmosphere” be similar to Kaskade’s past albums? 2. What can we expect from the tour?

If you were able to catch the “Atmosphere” stream on Rolling Stone then you have already found the answer to our first question. “Atmosphere” is within a category of itself. Although similar in sound to the “Ice” side of his 7th studio album “Fire & Ice,” it is able to marry that sound with new Big Room House anthems and his earlier sound, such as “It’s You, It’s Me” and “Here & Now.”

As for Kaskade’s upcoming tour, if it’s anything like the performance he put forth at LAVO NYC Tuesday night, then you are all in for a treat. At the start of his set he thanked his fans for coming out on a Tuesday night and stated, “These are the songs that inspired Atmosphere,” our favorite being Paperclip People. He immediately plunged the audience into a deep house set that offered a glimpse of his unreleased album with some tracks intertwined during the two hours. House veterans and newly introduced deep house fans, such as myself, alike were engulfed in the set.

Kaskade's Big Room, Little Tour is set to kick off in Miami and head to Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC.

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