Just when you thought Kaskade had shown us all there was to the album- and tour-inspiring title track, “Atmosphere," you’re reminded that the Chicago house producer always has a trick or two up his sleeve. Nonchalantly teasing fans on Twitter with a yet-to-be-commercially-released remix to the big room track, the producer blasted out a link to a rework courtesy of “Fire & Ice”-featured Neon Trees and Utah-based duo Wild Children. The alternative-leaning remixers definitely leave their mark, transforming the pumping original into an indie-dance creature. The slinky bass fits perfectly within the subtle but commanding drums of the remix. The synthesized chorus is incredibly uplifting and will have your neighbors complaining sooner than later cause trust us, this is one you want to blast! Check it out below, alongside an unbelievable acoustic cover we dug up by Wild Children and singer Luna Lune (available for free, no less!),