What was the inspiration for your new Essential mix?

The essential mix is something that I have always wanted to do as I have seen this as a really important milestone for any dj / producer. I consider the Daft Punk, Audio Bullys, and Greg Wilson essential mixes as all time greats, that I can and will continue to listen to for years to come.

When planning my essential mix, I really looked at it as if it was the first and last mix I would ever do and so tried to convey as much about my musical taste as possible.

Describe your forthcoming album "Back in Flight School" in five words.

Love - And - Light - In - Flight

What are you looking forward to the most about your U.S. Tour?

My US Tour is now set to take place early next year. I am really looking forward to playing some of the most famous venues and events in the US at the same time as meeting lots of cool people.

You have a very unique sound, which artists/producers have inspired you?

Daft Punk, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke and my friend Matt Hughes are the biggest inspirations I have had in music production.

Any upcoming releases on Outcross that we should we be looking out for?

There are lots of releases planned on Outcross Records. Next up is Toronto based Sean Roman with his Passion Crimes EP which features a remix by MAM (Matt Hughes & Myself). Also, Look out for Inland Knights, TBoy & Miguel Puente EP’s, which will also feature MAM Remixes.

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