For those who may not know who you are, would you introduce yourself?

Hey! I'm Shaun Frank, I'm a producer, DJ, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.

When did you begin making music?

I mean my parents had me in Piano lessons at five years old, but it's when I heard Nirvana's Nevermind that I really decided that this is what I wanted to do. I played in bands through high-school, was a vocalist and a drummer. A couple of my bands actually did pretty well and we got to travel the world. I fell in love with House music while touring in Asia... we all went to a few of those Full Moon parties, and I got the house music bug.

What are some of your earliest musical inspirations? And are there any artists out now that are currently shaping your sound?

My dad always had great records on in the house growing up... always great songwriters like Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Paul Simon... I think that's where I got my early inspiration to always concentrate on big vocal hooks and songwriting. As I started to get into dance music I was really inspired by guys like Mat Zo, Porter Robinson, and Deadmau5 in the beginning. I just loved how they brought musicality to the genre.

You just dropped your collab with Vanrip, "All About," marking your first track with them since "Vagabond." Can we expect any more collabs with them in the future?

You never know! Those guys are super talented and I've actually heard some of their new ideas which are Fire!

How did your collaboration with Oliver Heldens, "Shades of Grey," come about?

Oliver was playing a show in Toronto on New Years of this past year. He had recently been supporting a couple of my remixes in his radio shows so we got a chance to chat about that, and then we all went bowling in Niagra Falls. After me and my Canadian friends crushed the Dutch in bowling, we headed back to my studio where I played him the "Shades Of Grey" vocal that I had written and recorded with Delaney Jane. That's kinda where it all started.

What's been the highlight of your Summer thus far?

Oliver, Delaney and I performed Shades Of Grey live at Veld in Toronto which was really exciting. That night I went B2B at the Hoxton with SNBRN to cap it all off. The set went till 5 in the morning and was probably theost memorable set I've ever gotten to be a part of.

What can fans look forward to from you for the rest of 2015?

I've got a brand new single called "Ready For Love" coming out on Dim Mak Records in the fall. It's also featuring Delaney Jane, and it's a really cool straight up catchy house tune. I'm really excited for it to finally come out... I actually wrote it before "Shades Of Grey!"

Who are some artists (whether they be fellow producers, rappers, vocalists, etc.) that you'd love to collaborate with in the future?

I've been LOVING everything that Chris Lake has been putting out... I'd love to be a part of a record with him.

What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you at a show?

One time well I was opening for Botnek, really early in my career, I was up on the DJ booth... and I slipped on the microphone. I fully bailed off the booth broke my rib and collapsed my lung. At the time it really sucked and was really embarrassing, but looking back on it, it's pretty hilarious.

What's a song that you love that your fans wouldn't expect you to enjoy?

I've been dropping "Baba O'Riley" in my festival sets his summer haha.

Last but not least - who would you like to give a shot out to?

I definitely want to give a shout out to everyone that's been supporting my music, Oliver Heldens for taking a shot at a track with me, and Steve Aoki who just invited me to his villa in Ibiza to collab on a track! I'm actually on my way to Spain as I write this!