Ibiza has long been known as the world's hottest spot for dance music. Even with the EDM explosion in the U.S., Ibiza still reigns supreme. That is why America's most notable industry personalities converge at the island for "American Week." Names like Pasquale Rotella, Eddie Dean, David Grutman, Bob Sillerman, and Gary Richards have become household names (or HOUSE-hold names, if you get what I'm saying), and trendsetters throughout the EDM movement, the faces behind the dance music machine that has become a multi-billion dollar industry that fuels every concert, festival, and nightclub in America. "American Week" has become the time of year that these personalities visit the island to not simply enjoy what the island has to offer, but to examine the culture and its movements.

Jesse Waits, the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Wynn's Encore, Tryst, and XS nightclubs in Las Vegas says, "I don't come just to party, but to understand what's going on in Europe." This philosophy is one that the American nightlife visitors of Ibiza possess so that they may bring some of the island's trends and flare home with them to the U.S., so that those same Ibiza elements may be implemented here.

This is why Ibiza remains the world's hotbed of dance music. It is the origin of the trends that have made dance music in America the prevalent force that it is today. For fans and artists alike, Ibiza is the ultimate dance destination. Eddie Dean, the owner and operator of the famous nightclub Pacha NYC, states, "Ibiza is the mecca of dance music. If you are a DJ or producer you have many goals, but a gig in Ibiza is a definite dream."

Check out the full article on "American Week" in the latest Pacha Magazine, written by elektro's own executive publisher, Zev Norotsky. You can view the article online here (starting on page 127).

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